We are a luxury swimwear brand created with the desire to fulfill the needs and desires of those women who understand beauty as an ageless expression of elegance.



 ALMAAZUR swimwear is a family history.

Our origins go back in time to the charming isle of Groix in the Brittany coastline of France, where our founder’s mother, Annick, began the adventure of creating her own swimwear outfits. It was her that started a more than 50 years long journey in the swimsuit industry.

From those initial teenage bikinis confectioned for her own, she came up to design and work for the iconic “diving girl” brand Jantzen. An opportunity that brought her to Venezuela were she initiated a love story with the country's natural sceneries and where she started, years later, her own successful swimwear brand.

After graduating from the École Hotélière de Lausanne and working in the hotel industry for some time, Annick’s only child decided to join his mother’s company and give continuity to the her work and legacy.

Upon his mothers retirement and wishing to pay tribute to her, he decided to create a new and special brand: ALMAAZUR SWIMWEAR.

The brand’s name is rich in meaning, comprising notions of soul, spirit & body; past, present & future and change, energy & equilibrium, while also being related to the notions of sea and the water.

In 2019 he presented “Merveilles”, the brand’s first collection, comprising 10 different themes with feminine names: Juliette, Marion, Fanny, Isabelle, Brigitte, Léa, Sophie, Eva, Audrey and Bérénice.

A collection that embodies the effortless elegance credo of the brand, paying tribute not only to his mother but to all those women that with passion, strength and love give sense to the world.



We create timeless pieces to be treasured in your beachwear wardrobe not for a season but for a lifetime. Pieces that will bring emotion and comfort into your beachwear wardrobe and that will stand out for their quality, their aesthetic and their exclusiveness.

We conduct a small batch production in which each collection is treated as limited edition creation, taking great care of details and favoring quality rather than quantity.

Our collections are designed for all women, regardless of age, size or body type. Because we know that feeling beautiful and comfortable is the start of a love affair with our bodies, we offer in each theme a variety of styles and forms going up to size 48 and cup E.

Expert design features, such as luxury seam finishes and adjustable closures, give each piece support and structure, while luxurious fabrics ensure a smooth, supple feel that accentuate the body. 


We source premium materials, fabrics and accessories, from longstanding european suppliers mainly from Italy, Spain and the U.K.

Well known suppliers that comply with internationally recognized sustainable certifications and that pay great attention to ethic and fairness principles.



We cut and sew all our swimwear in Caracas, Venezuela in the manufacturing facilities of a family-owned factory serving the country and the Caribbean region swimwear market.

A factory with a history of more than 45 years that has been for a longtime the official licensee of swimwear for brands such as Disney and Mattel, demonstrating their respect of working ethics and human rights and a permanent effort to continuously surpass the minimum labor conditions offering an ethical, secured and inclusive work environment

We take pride in providing this community, composed mainly of women, the opportunity to work in the development of our products. Training them to deliver a product of quality and durability. A product they can be pride of.

Once produced, styles are send to our main warehouses in France and USA from where we deliver them worldwide.



We aim to build a better brand everyday and to generate a positive impact on people’s lives without harming the planet.

We follow our purpose daily, sourcing, designing and producing with responsibility and with a constant interest in finding improvements in everything we do.