Buying your beachwear wardrobe online

For most women, buying swimwear is far from being a stress-free task and trying to decide for a bathing suit under the unflattering lights of a tiny changing room can be a burden. But is also true that ordering swimwear online, without trying it on first, is a guessing-game that comes with its own challenges.

This year's unexpected circumstances have only underlined the need to overcome these challenges and to learn how to buy online confidently and securely.

To help you take the leap and enjoy the benefits of doing relaxed try-on sessions at home, we have gathered the three most important recommendations to navigate this tricky purchase and find the perfect swimwear for you (in our site or elsewhere!).

To begin this online swimwear shopping journey you should start writing a short note with your body measures: bust, waist and hips. Take them accurately because to choose the right size you'll need to compare them to the brand's size chart and find the best fit for your measurements (See Almaazur' size chart here ). If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate in contacting the brand's customer service department for more guidance. Being able to get in touch is an important sign of trustworthiness when buying online.


With your measurements note in hand, the next step is checking that your chosen online store's rules meet your expectations. Return and Exchange policies; Delivery options, times & costs and Secure Payment and Navigation systems are among the three most important decision making elements you should look at. Here at ALMAAZUR, we desire to make your online journey as worry-free as possible and give you the opportunity to add a luxury french swimwear piece to your curated beachwear wardrobe without much hassle. For that, we:

  • Use the Heidelpay secure payment service which integrates the SSL security standard and our system complies with the European Payment Services Directive - DSP2.
  • Offer a 30 day return & exchange policy.
  • Offer free delivery (for orders totaling 49,99 euros or more) to France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain (except Tenerife and Baleares), UK  and Vatican City.
  • Offer free delivery (for orders totaling 99,99 euros or more) to Andorra, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Ireland, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and Portugal.
  • Offer free delivery (for orders totaling 99,99 euros or more) for USA and Canada.
  • Can send you our best quote for other destinations different to the ones mentioned above. Just send us an email: service@almaswimwear.fr

    If the store conditions satisfy you, go on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit. Read all its detailed information and pay attention to how it is constructed, keeping in mind that when buying timeless pieces is worth investing in good quality fabrics, accessories and inner construction. Knowing that for assuring comfort and longevity, the best fabric will have a combination of 80% nylon/polyamide and 20% elastane/lycra. Select a swimsuit that enhances your figure, one that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable (as the ones we design for you! ;).


    We know choosing is not always easy and that the whole idea of buying a swimsuit based on your body type, is not exactly as obvious as everyone makes it seem but no matter your figure style, there is a color, print and cut that is ideal for you! 

    Need some help choosing? Read these tips and tricks to choose: The Perfect Swimsuit.


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