Tips and tricks to choose the most flattering swimsuit for your body shape.

You don't need to have a perfect figure to look and feel great at the waterside. It's all about confidence & attitude and for that learning the secrets to choose the right swimwear can make all the difference.

We at Almaazur believe in beauty as an ageless expression of elegance and our collection lends itself to each women - every body type, no matter what size or shape. Which style is best for your body shape? Here are some tips and tricks to help you chose the perfect one for you.

If you have a large bust, you may consider:

  • Bra-sized swimwear options that offer the same perfect fitting of your underwear bra and look brands that carry bigger sizes: D-cups bust and up. 
  • Paying great attention to your swimsuit straps. Thick and adjustable straps, as well as multiple straps models will give you better support.
  • Trying an underwired style for a flattering look, perfect fitting and extra support.
  • A sports-style tops but, if you want to avoid a compressed look, try one with a wide ban under the bust.
  • Prefer dark colors and small prints that create a slimming effect.

If you have a small bust, think of:

  • Obtaining a little natural boost from a bra-sized underwire swimsuit or a lightly padded  bra. Tops with removable cups are also a good choice. They'll enhance your natural attributes!
  • Choosing a top with horizontal stripes or ruffles to create the illusion of a larger bust.
  • Using bralette style shapes can also benefit smaller busts.
  • Avoiding flat triangle tops and solids.

If you have a curve - less figure: 

  • Look for pieces that create a fuller looking bust or an hourglass figure, like a draped top or a cut-out one piece.
  • Choose colorful prints that enhance both your top and bottom.
  • Think that a high-rise or adjustable height bottom delivers a figure-defining shape and never goes out of style.
  • Remember that styles with horizontal stripes prints help create the illusion of a fuller body.
  • Keep in mind that details at the shoulder and hips will add some bulk to these areas resulting in an illusion of curves, so asymmetric styles and belted bottoms are a good option.
  • Avoid side-tie bottoms and sliding triangle tops. 

If you wear a fuller size:

  • Brands with bra-sized swimwear options are a good choice to find the right fit, specially if they cater bigger sizes.
  • Go for a high-waist bottom matched with a halter or underwired top.
  • Prefer one piece styles offering some support and structure with underwired or halter busts, structured seaming or paneling for a tummy trimming effect.
  • Choose the darker colours on areas you want to minimize and bright colours on areas you want to emphasize.
  • Prints that extend from bust to hip or across the body create the illusion of a longer, leaner torso.
  • Avoid thin, side tie bottoms and tiny triangle tops.

If your torso is short, consider:

  • Choosing a one-piece swimsuit with asymmetrical design that creates the illusion of height.
  • Going for a two-piece swimsuit with a classic rise bottom and a bandeau top that will draw the attention up and across horizontally.
  • Avoiding high waist-bottoms and crop tops. 

If you have a long torso:


  • Bikinis and tankinis will always be a sure bet to avoid the risk of having the cups of a one-piece barely hitting you ribcage even if its stretching to the max.
  • Go for V-shaped necklines, horizontal stripes, and high-cut legs, all of them flattering designs for women with long torsos.
  • If you are really into a one-piece, looking for adjustable straps can help but our recommendation is to try brands that carry “tall” or “long” sizes.

Finally, remember that whether you have large hips, few curves or a small bust, you can find the perfect swimsuit.  So embrace your body and embrace your unique style. Take advantages of all the possibilities and find the confidence you need to feel strong, elegant and most importantly: happy!

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